Automating and Optimizing Finance Operations at Scale

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As SaaS organizations grow one of the challenges many finance teams face is scaling up revenue operations functions such as billing, collections, investor reporting, and revenue recognition. This panel will discuss some of the best practices successful SaaS organizations are using to scale their tech stack, business processes, and talent pools to enable growth. Specific topics will include:

  • How to scale without adding an army of FTEs or consultants.

  • What types of software to add to the finance tech stack and when to deploy them.

  • How to scale with accuracy in investor reporting, complex billing, and revenue accounting.

  • How to work with sales, revenue operations, product management to ensure success.

Billing Challenges

  • Complex subscription pricing such as as multi-tiered subscriptions with upsells/add-ons.

  • Usage-based pricing models with prepaid credits and spend commitments.

  • Reducing Collection costs with self-service portals, automated dunning, payment retries.

  • Thinking about billing as part of the customer/product experience.

Investor Metrics (MRR/ARR, Net Dollar Retention, CLTV)

  • Investor requests during Series A, B, C, D rounds.

  • Quarterly reporting to multiple PE/VC firms with different formats and data.

  • Pros and cons of spreadsheets vs software applications.

  • New metrics such as those tied to Product-Led Growth.

Revenue Recognition

  • GAAP accounting under ASC 606.

  • Challenges with complex edge cases.

  • Pros and cons of different software options.

  • Strategies for success with the first audit.