Strategies for Adding Value: How Ramp’s Early Adoption of Stablecoins Increased their Corporate Treasury Returns

Facta and Ramp are two fintech companies leading the way in finding opportunities for finance leaders to become more strategic, and create significant value for their organizations.  Dave Ingraham is the CEO of Facta, a company that provides autonomous finance and accounting software and services to mid-sized SaaS companies.  Facta has been working with Ramp, the corporate spend management provider, since their Series A round.  Since then, Ramp has raised over $1.3B and become one of the fastest companies ever to reach $100M of ARR.  Dave will talk to Alex Song, Ramp’s Head of Finance at Ramp, about some of the potential risks and rewards associated with their decision to allocate a portion of their $600M of cash to USDC / Stablecoin.