Three Critical Factors in Building a Comprehensive Security Awareness Program

Three key elements form the foundation of a successful awareness education program: knowledge of audiences, pervasive and continuous communication and interactive education on security tactics. Security and risk management leaders should use this research to implement a comprehensive program.

Join Joanna Huisman, SVP of Strategic Insights & Research at KnowBe4, as she shares how your organization can level up your security culture and empower your last line of defense against cyber attacks – your users. She’ll go over key challenges such as:

  • Why most people forget the majority of what is presented in a training program that occurs infrequently.
  • Why interactive simulations produce higher levels of skills retention than the mere presentation of recommended security actions, but can be difficult to measure compared to other awareness metrics.
  • Why audiences are bored by education programs that fail to leverage a variety of media and content styles.