Ascent Podcast Ep. 10 – Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement @ Outreach

Entrepreneur First, Salesman Second

This week The Ascent Podcast brings in Max Altschuler who joins host Andrew Tarvin for an in depth one-on-one. Max is a CEO in his prime, making a name for him self and standing out with his experience as an entrepreneur and his approach to sales. He’s the Vice President of sales engagement at Outreach, founder and CEO of Sales Hacker (a company focused on streamlining the B2B sales process), and also a published author of three books (Hacking Sales: The Playbook for Building a High-Velocity Sales Machine, Career Hacking for Millennials: How I Built A Career My Way, And How You Can Too, and Sales Engagement: How The World’s Fastest Growing Companies are Modernizing Sales Through Humanization at Scale). Max is a force to be reckoned with.

Max has a true entrepreneurial spirit, which started out at a young age and makes for some interesting stories (definitely worth a listen). He’s had a hand on different types of businesses, even creating a bike share program in college with friends backed by Arizona State (his Alma Matter), which didn’t take off due to lack of funding. All these experiences led to his development and amongst other accomplishments, the creation of Sales force.

Love what you do

They say that if you love what you do then you never work a day in your life, and Max seems to be a living example of exactly this school of thought. He’s managed to become an entrepreneur whose job revolves around sales, one of his passions. Someone who tells it like it is (at least from his point of view), in this interview viewers will learn of his ideas and the things he’s done to obtain success both in sales and as in sales.

Sales Hacker was something that Max says he “fell into”. To both parties benefit, he was instrumental to growing the company into what it is today at a rocket pace. With in depth detail, he shares with Andrew the experience that was growing Sales Hacker and the decisions they made that led to that growth. It can’t be stressed enough how much vital information he offers for entrepreneurs, philanthropists, people in the sales industry, and even those in startups now.

Max is certainly an entrepreneurial soul with a passion for sales. This mixture (along with some luck or whatever you want to call it), has lead to a career with incredible growth and a love for constant search for growth and improvement. Mixed with these are a desire for sharing the valuable knowledge he’s acquired. Tune in and check it out!