Making Customer Experience the Top Priority

Industry Insights from Allison Metcalfe, CRO @ Demandbase

Together with the notable growth and revenue leaders, Allison Metcalfe, the Chief Revenue Officer of Demandbase, is part of the upcoming Spotlight on Revenue Leadership conference.

In this day and age, customers play a huge role in the success of organizations. Without them, a business would not work, more so succeed. They need to feel appreciated and wanted by the companies they buy from. Thus, improving customer experience and relationships should always be a top priority.

Allison Metcalfe is a dynamic leader at Demandbase with extensive experience in sales, advertising, and customer success. By partnering with marketing and product teams, she can exceed revenue goals. Also, she is the ideal candidate to lead the organization because of her unparalleled skills in scaling revenue, building effective customer relationships, and growing crucial business accounts.

What does Demandbase do?

Demandbase is the leading company in B2B go-to-market that helps various businesses understand, identify, and engage with their customers and prospects. This targeting and personalization platform for B2Bs also aids companies in determining accounts showing the highest buying intent and focus on different marketing efforts. Marketers can target online advertisements to companies that suit the criteria based on metrics and attributes, such as industry, revenue, customer status, and products purchased.

The products and services that Demandbase offers are ABX Cloud, Advertising Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Data Cloud. These help you collect data, execute them across all of your channels, and deliver value to your customers for a complete and satisfying customer experience. In addition, the big and fast-growing companies are Demandbase’s target audience.

Can you highlight the current trends and challenges of the industry?

There will always be trends and challenges that will come your way. And as for this type of industry, these include the following:

  • Boosting target prospect engagement.
  • Proof of return of investment from marketing efforts.
    • Proving the success of marketing activity
    • Many companies want to see those short-term results.
  • Implementation of account-based marketing.
    • Identifying the right target audience for your company.
    • Personalization of messages is a must for your strategy’s success.
  • Standing out on the online world.
  • Differentiating your brand from competitors.

Are there any exciting developments in the industry?

The change from account-based marketing (ABM) to account-based experience (ABX) is revolutionizing the scope of specific customers and their needs. ABM is a method traditionally focused on the accounts that drive the most revenue, picking up steam and proving to be an effective B2B marketing strategy to generate revenue and increase investment return.

On the other hand, ABX is a shift in thinking from the value of accounts to customer relationships. It is the ability to know where the customer is in the buying cycle, and it uses intelligent insights to know when to engage, with what content, and what to say to every account. People are no longer buying products; they are buying the experience that comes with the product instead.

Save your spot today and hear more from Allison and the other leaders for SaaS event series: Spotlight on Revenue Leadership on September 1st.



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