2021 Tax Compliance Concerns for Software and SaaS Companies

Ascent Special Webinar Event with Avalara
Recorded 7/28/2021
Stephen Bradshaw, Partner @ Bennett Thrasher
David Lingerfelt, North America Tax Content Research @ Avalara
John Sallese, Director of Solutions Consulting @ Avalara

How, when, where, and why software is taxed is the perfect storm of complexity and contradiction, which makes compliance near impossible to comprehend, never mind master. No wonder, then, that software and SaaS businesses often fail to give it proper attention, focusing instead on more top-of-mind priorities like accelerating growth and maximizing efficiency.

That mindset, however, is EXACTLY how you can jeopardize your software company’s growth trajectory. Sales and use tax compliance is no longer independent of growth and efficiency; it’s necessary to achieve both. The tax landscape has shifted dramatically, and software companies must up their game when it comes to tax compliance.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll hear directly from software tax experts and learn:

How fast-growth software and SaaS companies incur tax risk
The complex nature of software taxability
How new nexus laws exacerbate tax complexity
Why manual tax management is inefficient, and automation is crucial
How software and SaaS companies experience consumer use tax pain
Here’s the good news: When done right, sales and use tax compliance can propel and future-proof your business. In short, getting tax compliance right isn’t just an obligation or a way to avoid auditors, but a strategy for protecting growth. Join our webinar to learn what you need to know to safeguard your business’s expansion.