Mental Health in the Pandemic: Strategies to Help your Workforce get Through Hard Times in a Virtual World

Recorded at Ascent: Spotlight on Human Capital

D Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO @ Wellness Coach
Nicole Wolfe, Head of Corporate Programs @ ClassPass
Abby Hamilton, Chief People Officer @ LiveIntent
Hanna Linden, Chief People Officer @ SignalAI

For business leaders steering their workforce through this challenging and uncertain time, protecting your mental health, and that of your employees is paramount. How do you give mental health valuable airtime? Business leaders have an instrumental role to play in giving mental health more exposure and propelling the conversation further to create a sense of community and belonging
– Why HR must put on their own life mask before helping others
– Reshaping work culture from the top – how leaders can boost morale
– Providing access to mental health professionals
– Implementing accessible wellbeing strategies for remote workers
– Providing digital solutions that support the spectrum of mental health needs