20 Up-And-Coming FinTech Startups in 2018

It used to be that FinTech was the most exciting industry to watch, that was until blockchain stole the limelight and pulled all of the focus away from this vertical. Maybe it’s that extra bit of space that’s allowed for these fresh startups to rise in the ranks and really differentiate themselves with solutions that are all quite revolutionary. From crowdsourcing your college education fund to making “pay-day” a thing of the past, these are the top 20 up-and-coming FinTech startups to watch in 2018.

Scholar Raise

Scholar Raise is a crowdfunding service that helps you save for your child’s future college education. Using government-backed 529 college savings plans, their platform lets friends and family contribute to your kid’s education fund. What’s really great about this service is that no matter what, every penny you invest continues on with your child as they grow. Plus, their mascot is a buffalo.

Happy Mango Inc.

Happy Mango is a web-based platform that produces a new kind of consumer credit score using cash flow analysis and verified social reference. Using the service, consumers can view their score, track their financial health, perform what-if analysis before taking a loan and apply for a loan when they are ready. On the other side, lenders can get robust individual borrower level credit analysis at origination and continuously throughout the term of the loan.


Tookitaki is on a mission to provide machine learning powered regulatory compliance solutions that are auditable, scalable and actionable. They’re doing that by providing enterprise software solutions that create sustainable compliance programs in financial service industry. What this looks like in application is a seismic shift in anti-money laundering and reconciliation


CreditSnap is an advocate for consumers. Because applying for financing can be a very confusing and time consuming process, they’ve make it easier through their Pre-Qualification and Intelligent Cross Sell engines to deliver highly relevant Pre-Qualified Loan offers to their customers, gibing them the knowledge they need to make better financial decisions.


Bereev is a legacy planning platform that helps you craft a plan that will guide your family when you pass away. In addition to step-by-step planning and financial decision making, the web-based platform allows you to store important documents, record your last words, as well as involve your friends and family each step of the way.


Docitt is a lending platform on a mission to improve today’s loan quality and enhance risk management. Their goal is to enable unprecedented data transparency and efficiency, all while paving the way to the future of lending.


Umergence is a crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs, inventors, makers, researchers, professionals, established companies and investors to work together on one site as they build their ideas, form teams, launch campaigns and raise capital. In addition, startups and accelerators can find talent in the crowd and manage it from their own dashboards. Investors are able to track progress of teams or ideas in real time, scouting worthy investments, and watching the growth and development of prospects.


Doshii is a Reinventure backed startup changing the way the hospitality & retail industries connect their Point of Sale (POS) at their physical venues to the Apps around them. Through the Doshii API, apps can easily integrate directly into a venue’s POS, via a single API integration. This enables real-time exchange of order & menu information, the removal of additional hardware, and simple, single point reconciliation. It also really just provides such an incredible opportunity to enhance the overall customer experience.

Fundamental Interactions

Fundamental Interactions Inc is a technology firm which designs high-performance multi-asset trading appliance products. The FIN (Fundamental Interactions Neutron) product suite brings together a core set of low latency business functions for interoperability, speed and regulatory compliance. This includes market data, pre-trade risk, algorithmic routing, and order crossing.


Swoup is a patent pending technology that acts as a personal savings assistant to help you get the most out of your purchases by intelligent learning of your buying habits and the real-time application of existing coupon offers to your everyday purchases. This means gone are the days of scanning coupons at checkout, or keep track of promotion codes and expiration dates. All you have to do is swipe, shop and save.


BTO is on a mission to bring personalized life-planning to everyone, empowering all to reach their dreams and achieve lifetime financial security. They’ve developed a truly innovative life-planning solution called ‘Aardviser’ to show people how they can do it. In Aardviser they blend simplicity and functionality to help easily match relevant products to life situations.


Extend is a startup that’s out to redefine how credit and cards are issued, distributed and accessed. Their platform enables business cardholders to instantly share their credit card with employees and freelancers without ever exposing their card number or losing control over spend.


Selected as one of the best financial startups in Latin America by different acceleration programs, Dapp helps you protect your cards and pay directly with your cell phone without handing your cards to anyone.


Backed by leading investors Blackbird Ventures and DCG, CoinJar is out to make digital finance easy. CoinJar Swipe, a bitcoin debit card, is their flagship product. They’ve also developed web and mobile apps that empower anyone to buy, sell, send, receive and accept bitcoin as a payment method.


Sum180 is an online financial wellness service that is accessible and affordable for all, especially since not all financial wellness programs are created equal. They strive to help employees feel better about program enrollment and participation by offering an easy-to-understand 3-step plan, access to coaching from financial advisers and a fun and interactive online community for engagement and support.


NoPassword offers the next generation of identity management and password-free single sign-on solution designed around biometric and frictionless multi-factor authentication. Their mission is to deliver modern identity to simplify and secure user authentication and access control.


CityVest is a crowdfunding platform for real estate, specifically a marketplace for commercial and income property investments. Their mission is to provide a smart, easy and secure method to participate in real estate appreciation through their cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain. They do this by connecting real estate sponsors with accredited investors; creating a new source of capital for sponsors and high-quality, income-producing investment opportunities for investors.


Know Your Customer is a software platform that automates 90% of manual tasks involved in anti-money laundering compliance and reduces on-boarding times for corporate clients from 3 weeks to 1 day. They deliver efficient high-tech solutions for rapid ID verification of both individual or corporate clients.


Bitsian is a values-based financial services startup that aims to make their communities stronger and more fulfilled as a result of their business. With an self-confessed customer obsession, they exist to make participating in cryptocurrency easy, safe and productive.


PayActiv really is revolutionizing payroll by making payday a thing of the past. Their service helps businesses and their workers break free from inefficient and outdated payroll systems, and adapt a payment schedule that works best for the health of everyone’s financial wellbeing.

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