5 Future Facing IoT Startups in 2018

Oh, the internet of things. Since the term was coined in 1999 by British technologist Kevin Ashton back when he was at MIT, it’s been like a whirlwind of one step forward, one step back. The mountain top experiences are all in how everything can be connected in a way that’s heavier than the Back to the Future trilogy. But those dips into the valleys have all been centered around privacy and security threats worse than someone calling Marty McFly a chicken. IoT is like the flux-capacitor of our current tech in that not every company knows how to channel it right, but those that do are the ones who are making their own roads into the future. These are the top 5 Future Facing IoT Startups to watch in 2018.


Similar in theory to the Bat-Sonar that Batman uses in The Dark Knight to see every device in use, including cell-phones, Armis discovers all devices in your environment, analyzes their behavior to identify risks or attacks, and protects your critical business information automatically. Basically, they’re out to eliminate any kind of IoT privacy or security blind spots, letting enterprise companies instantly see and control unmanaged or rogue devices and networks.


Connecting you to a network of qualified professional providers, Boostmi is an on-demand roadside assistance app that helps people to securely and confidently request any kind of roadside help like jump starts, tire changes, towing, and more, with just the tap of a button. It’s the like Uber of roadside help but better. Instead of paying for a membership like OnStar or AAA, Boostmi lets you use their service on-demand, share your location, and get help super fast.

Alert Media

With customers in over 80 countries, AlertMedia helps individuals and companies streamline mass notifications to improve overall safety. Their fully-integrated, cloud-based platform delivers two-way communications and monitoring that keeps your organization safe, informed, and connected.


Offering a solution that doesn’t rely on expensive cloud services, Imont develops software for IoT device integration using a cloudless​ technology that delivers economic and security benefits for scaling smart home, smart city and smart industry projects. Besides the normal talking points of end-to-end connection and security, Imont has really found its place being able to lower the barrier of entry for companies that traditionally might not be able to afford your typical, more expensive than a time-traveling DeLorean, cloud-based service.


Helping enterprise companies use machine data to drive business decisions, Altizon is a product company focused on the Industrial Internet (according to their LinkedIn). They use their proprietary platform to enable digital transformation by accelerating smart manufacturing initiatives, modernizing asset performance management and pioneering new business models for service delivery.

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