5 of the Brightest Marketing Automation Startups in 2018

Most marketers want to be a Gary Vaynerchuk or Seth Godin, but that’s the person you need as your brand evangelist (and not who you want spending your marketing dollars). There are so many boutique marketing agencies out there that are really trying hard to help businesses with their exposure through nothing but hype with absolutely no ROI. And as a startup, you can’t afford that kind of burn rate. The reality is that the truly wild ones who are breaking out of the mold are the marketing companies that look like they might be the most tame. They’re the ones obsessed with the analytics, metrics, iteration, improvement, invention, and how those data points tell us a story about our own human experience. We’ve compiled a shortlist of companies on the cutting edge and these are 5 of the Brightest Marketing Automation Startups in 2018.

Tap Classifieds

The way that we buy cars is rapidly changing and TapClassifieds is bridging the industry gap between things like traditional automotive advertising and the dominating use of social media by millennials. Try saying that phrase five times fast and by the time you do you’ve lost their attention. That’s where TapClassifieds comes in to play. They’ve developed a marketing platform to work with auto dealerships and automate the marketing of their inventory to digital classifieds and social media sites.


Recently named Leader in Forrester (yes, that one) ABM New Wave, Jambo specializes in account based marketing for industrial manufacturers. Their proprietary platform allows their clients and customers to really hone in on the buying cycle to see less marketing wastage (gnarly), bigger deals, shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.


Boasting more than 1,000 integrations, Pirsonal is an individualized video marketing platform that’s built to accelerate sales and increase engagement by driving more attention to landing pages. From a proprietary automatic video editing cloud-based software and API, to analytics, an individualized video player, they’ve helped companies like Bosch, Pandora, and Vitaldent connect with audiences of individuals in a fast, scalable and cost-effective way.


Inspiring companies to take an owned media first approach to marketing, PowerPost offers a really unique platform for even small brands to easily create an intuitive and seamless content experience by allowing marketers to own their niche industry share of voice and drive search authority by publishing intelligent, valuable content at scale.


Using AI-powered marketing automation software, Streampage helps brands create personalized marketing messages for customers, while also segmenting out their campaigns for each individual subscriber, providing an insane level of high-touch personalization at scale. If you’re in the marketing world for even a second, you’ve heard someone talk about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time, to try to get them to buy. That’s what Streampage does.

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