In A Nutshell: What Ascent Is All About

“We don’t need any more exposure.” – No Founder Ever

New Yorkers don’t have time for a lot of baloney, so let’s cut to the chase: you want to rub shoulders with industry-specific investors, you want a platform to broadcast your unique ideas and you want your network to be as effective as a predatory spider’s. We hear you.

That’s why Ascent, New York’s preeminent tech conference, is the event you can’t afford to miss. Hitting the town hard and fast October 3rd & 4th, this is how you’ll get that next-level push you need.

By limiting the amount of attendees to 2000, throwing 150 cherry-picked startups in the spotlight, and organizing 60+ industry-specific roundtables, we’ve created a unique, curated experience where the next generation of tech visionaries will cozy up to venture capitalists, growth hackers, seasoned advisors, CEOs, and other industry experts.

The Exhibitor Hall is our invite-only forum where 150 groundbreaking companies will flex their tech muscles. Each one admitted will be the cream of the crop, without regard to its funding history. Pre- and post-seed companies alike will have access to representatives from some of the most successful venture capital firms on the planet. Granted a private exhibition booth and an opportunity to sing its gospel on the Pitching Stage, industry-specific investors and executives will lend their full attention.

Think your angle is too nichey or esoteric? With a continuous cycle of over 60 separately-focused roundtables led by industry experts, you’ll be connecting with like-minded C-level execs in a New York minute. Veteran VCs from the largest firms in the world will help sharpen your strategy, ensuring your portfolio shines among the uniform sea of your competitors. Growth hackers from every corner of the tech world will dole out priceless, hard-earned advice from their years of industry experience.

50 Main Stage speakers from IBM, Google, Foursquare, Bain Capital, GV and beyond will deliver powerful speeches on every aspect of modern tech’s protean landscape. World-class growth hackers will share proven marketing tactics; CEOs will lend clarity on bringing businesses from concept to IPO; seasoned VC veterans will offer insider guidance on the delicate world of venture funding.

Our strict limit of 2000 attendees will have personal access to industry experts, investors and advisors specializing in all tech sectors. From seed to series A, from fundamentals to funding, Ascent is here to bring knowledge together with potential.

Ascent distinguishes itself from lesser conferences by offering a personalized, curated experience, ensuring each attendee has abundant face time with investors, potential clients and future hires. A rigorous schedule of meet and greets and gala events will be your networking solution. Since you’ll be quickly connecting with people in your specific corner of the tech world, you can skip the tedium of searching for the right audience and get right down to business.

But all your hard work is meaningless if no one knows you’re doing it. That’s why we’ve invited top members of the international business and tech press to interview our startups, take names and run stories.

We know that a full day of schmoozing can tax even the chattiest of extroverts, so we’ve got your back. We’ve gone ahead and set up a slew of after-hours networking pub crawls and VIP gala events, where you can unhitch your top button and talk shop with the sharpest tech minds on the planet.

And for those looking to throw down hard, we’re excited to offer a limited, all-access VIP experience. Exclusive admission to our Speaker Dinner and Startup Dinner as well as private gala events will get you face-to-face networking opportunities with some of the tech game’s most powerful people. You’ll also be granted access to our elite, behind-the-scenes VIP lounge, where guest speakers, high rollers and big shots will be kicking back and networking without even knowing it.

Lasting connections with industry insiders is the backbone of tech success. You either keep in the loop, or get left behind. Join us at Ascent and shake hands with your future.

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