Top 15 Up­-And-­Coming Blockchain Startups

According to Globenewswire, the global blockchain market is anticipated to grow to over $60 billion by 2024 as more companies adopt distributed ledger technology and mass-use cases appear. Even though it’s an incredibly young vertical, blockchain is already being used to democratize economies and increase market efficiencies. While there’s a lot of companies coming up around this technology, we’ve compiled a definitive list of 15 up-and-coming blockchain startups to pay attention to in 2018.


Disrupting the traditional media planning and buying space, AdBit Media is a software development company that leverages blockchain and smart contract technology to help automate manual processes that have plagued advertising industry for years. AdBit offers media owners a platform with real-time transactional data, where demand is happening in real time, and buyers can influence the price of inventory.

FirstBlood Technologies, Inc.

If you’ve ever wished you could earn real life perks from your gaming skills, now you can. FirstBlood is a blockchain based e-sports platform that allows players to directly challenge each other and win rewards. To date they’ve distributed out over $50k to competitors online.

Menlo One

With the speed of a traditional web app, Menlo One is a powerful framework for building decentralized applications. From a distributed database, to a proof of reputation algorithm, to transactions and governance, our framework gives you the tools you need without having to build them from scratch and provides developers with the essential building blocks for decentralized apps.


Operating from a firm belief in digital equality, where every business has an opportunity to engage with their customers no matter how much money they spend on marketing, Agingo is an early stage tech startup focused on fundamentally changing the way people experience the Internet. Giving individuals ultimate control over what they see and some influence over what others see, they are decentralizing and democratizing search results.


Shortening the cycle for corporate buyers and sellers to find each other, TraDove connects business partners with its business social networking platform. Dedicated to making B2B more transparent and trustworthy, TraDove provides company-to-company precision advertising using AI, blockchain, and social network technology.

Def Method

Focused on agile development and transparent project management, Def Method is a software consultancy focused on delivering high quality technical solutions for small startups, multinational corporations and everything in between. By focusing on both product and process, Def Method helps teams optimize efforts and successfully build something great.

Celsius Network

Celsius Network is on a mission to replace big banks and futures exchanges, like the CME and CBOE, with coin holders who will earn returns by lending. Through an Ethereum-based P2P lending and borrowing platform, members are able to lend and borrow coins at significantly reduced rates compared to traditional financial institutions, and earn interest on coins lent.

Relevnt, Inc.

Uniquely comprised of a location-based app with custom ownership-driven publishing services, Relevnt brings local consumers and local content sources closer together on mobile. Awarded Best Designed Mobile App Interface 2017, Relevnt empowers local content creators and established media brands with a more engaging way to publish content, get discovered, create community, and generate advertising revenue across the mobile web.


Boasting a strong community of over 3 million users and growing fast, Gameflip is a highly rated global marketplace that allows gamers to buy and sell digital goods and in-game items. They also host an online marketplace for all gamers where anyone can buy and sell anything gaming related, from physical copies of the earliest generations of video-game consoles to in-game items of the latest PC gaming titles.

Vitruvian Technology, Corp.

Modeled after military organizations and fundamental natural elements, Vitruvian provides custom software and project management solutions. They specialize in Project Management, Web/Software Development, Marketing, Design, Quality Assurance, IT/System Administration, and Content Production services.


By creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps, Buddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable.


Dedicated to offering new solutions for small and midsize businesses, Inviou is a next-generation, credit finance platform that redefines the invoice financing industry. Designed to optimize the invoice factoring/financing landscape with a built-in financial record anti-fraud and ownership management mechanisms, Inviou’s Open Permissioned Blockchain-based platform introduces a decentralized infrastructure to the market to expedite funding.


DACC is the world’s first content-based blockchain that features identity and access management (IAM) at the infrastructure level, connecting creators with consumers and using new incentive models to reward all parties.

AnyLog Inc.

Through a globally distributed peer-to-peer network, blockchain, incentive platform and massive parallelism, AnyLog provides a cost-effective solution to collect, store and query IoT data. This means that now data owners can now capture the full value of their data.


Goldilock was built on the premise that your data should not be physically connected to the internet when you’re not using it, and that it should be available to you from anywhere immediately when you want to access it. Their technology allows crypto keys and digital assets to be active and immediately available online via a non-IP trigger mechanism, while being physically disconnected and invisible from the internet when not in use by their owner.

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